Footsteps reduced to mere nothing?

Not a huge fan of not hearing footsteps at all. I mean before i could have plently of time to setup something because i could hear from a decent distance but now its set to practically nothing. Cant hear until someones right on you and 90% of time its too late to do anything. Not saying to switch back but give us something? Anyone else share the same thoughts?


They do that because they want you to use the threat sensor on your screen. If you could hear footsteps then it would be useless.

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I don’t think that’s true. The release notes talked about this been a change to improve ranked/competitive.

It’s supposed to give you a better idea of where someone is when they are close to you, with more differentiation in footsteps on another floor or in a seperate room.

It also limited the maximum distance for hearing footsteps, in order to make flanking without getting detected a little easier.

That’s what the claimed anyway. It’s possible that they didn’t get it quite right.

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I mean im not only complaining for my own selfish reasons but i was also thinking about those few that are hearing impaired, im a tac slayer player , games are maily quiet as is. The footsteps helped a lot, now its really who can hold the better peaks rather than hearing. Idk it just feels that its worthless to hear footsteps in that mode at least when they are on you its too late to even react. Does make sense in the arena / ranked playlists. I do t

I do think **** it could use a little work

This actually makes perfect sense.

Kind of. But a spartan in a high-tech armored suit can’t tell when other spartans wearing the same metal armor are running close by?

If anything the footsteps were off before with how you could (or should?) have heard spartans running on the floor above you. It was a little disorienting.


I mean Halo is a futuristic game though they can pretty much make whatever they want.

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i feel like after this update, the game got better for LANs or ppl on same servers… but MUCH WORSE for anyone on high ping
because the footsteps thing, although its good, it ends up being bad for anyone that is screwed on server ping… cause they get shot thru walls, cant react in time cause they get seen first … and on top of that, they cant hear someone approaching either… soo its actually kinda messed up


Just played the worst rounds of swat in a long time. I don’t see the problem with using sound when there’s no radar. Hasn’t that been the point since forever?? Idk about anyone else but the problem I had was not only that there was nothing and then suddenly someone is right on me but the sounds were inconsistent in general. I can hear people half way across the map and it sounds like they’re right next to me. It was so confusing that I had to check my headphones to make sure left was left and right was right. IMO it wasn’t broken and didn’t need to be “fixed”…


Every shooter needs directional footstep audio. It’s 2023, Halo needs to adapt. The whole purpose of the motion sensor was because Halo was made for console and the four player split screen. Meaning a majority a people were hooking their Xbox up to a TV and using TV speakers. Times have changed.

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I doubt it.
Halo CE was an amalgamation of different sci-fi things, with the motion sensor resembling that in the Alien universe. It played in on the atmosphere the campaign had where you could see large areas of red before even seeing the actual threat.
Remember that it was meant for Mac before it became an Xbox title.
Multiplayer was kind of tacked on as a sort of after thought.

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Remember that Halo back for Mac was supposed to be an RTS, not FPS.

You can doubt it all you want, but one of the “ideas” behind the motion sensor was for awareness when playing split screen, one reason being that all audio is mixed.

And no, Halo CE multiplayer was not an after thought. Your statement is quite the opposite actually. Back in 2001, Bungie was only thinking about multiplayer only games. Hence the reason why Halo was meant to be an RTS game.

“It’s wild to think that Halo began life as a multiplayer-only game, and continued that way for a fair while. When we think of Halo: Combat Evolved now, it’s hard not to immediately be drawn to the likes of the Flood, landing on the Halo Ring for the very first time, or individual missions like The Silent Cartographer. All that, and so much more, never existed in the original vision of Halo at Microsoft.”

"It’s hard to imagine Halo: Combat Evolved without its main campaign. Sure, Halo’s couch co-op and split-screen multiplayer eventually became just as iconic, but future Spartans first got into Halo through the campaign. And it almost never happened.

In the latest issue of Retro Gamer (via GamesRadar), Halo multiplayer programmer Stefan Sinclair revealed that when Halo: Combat Evolved was first being developed in 1999, a single-player campaign wasn’t even on anyone’s radar."

“Halo had been developed for internet multiplayer even in its most primordial forms,” said Sinclair, adding that Halo would be the showcase game for both the original Xbox and its multiplayer subscription service, Xbox Live. Only after the multiplayer was in a solid place did Bungie go back and create a single-player campaign."

I’d like to know how you assumed MP was an after thought?

Guess I’m going to have to pay attention and see how it works again. I always used foot prints to track people through walls and ones sneaking up behind me.

I’m basically quitting this game until they bring back footstep audio for the enemies, it feels unplayable now. I feel like I’m playing an unfinished game now when I’m playing it. I got 1,400 hours invested in this game and now I’d rather just do something else when I’m not editing videos for people.


I just did my placement matches to unlock some nameplates and the footsteps are weird for me too. Sometimes I can hear them but most of the time I get nothing.

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