FOMO needs to go

  • This is a perfect compromise
  • Better than what we have but we shouldn’t need to unlock the capstone challenge
  • I would rather keep the FOMO

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I had a new idea for how to get rid of FOMO on weekly unlocks without getting rid of the 343i bottom line of forcing players to suffer through weekly challenges.

Just do it like the Battlepass.
On any given week, you can choose which capstone you unlock after completing your weeklies - the new one or an old one you missed.

If you want to unlock multiple in a week (ie to catch up), you can purchase a bonus set of weekly challenges (which also nets you more experience) for, say, 500cr.

Alternatively, a little bit more player friendly, would be to unlock ALL previously incomplete capstone challenges upon completing weeklies.

My original idea was to have the capstone challenge unlock for everyone, or at least Premium players, at the end of the week. I think these systems still kill the FOMO but would be a little more appealing to 343i and thus more likely to be implemented, if they got traction.

Surprised anyone wants to keep the FOMO. Is it an elitist thing?