FOMO is starting to kick in

I didn’t buy anything from the store or buy the battle pass. My friend got the battle pass and my other friend got an HCS skin. The two other fourth players have skins as well.

When we are all in the lobby just before the game starts the friend with the completed battle pass goes. “Why do you look so bland?” And “Where’s your skin at?”

We are all grown adults so obviously we’re just joking around and I don’t really care that much but in the back of my head it does kinda suck. I feel slightly pressured to buy something just so I can look cool next to my friends and I really really don’t like that feeling and I’m someone who doesn’t care about skins so imagine how other people feel who actually do care about skins.

Maybe if they release something I really like I’ll cave but I’m not supporting this pay model. I rather pay once for a full game with everything in it.


I know the feeling. If it really starts to bug you I’d recommend saving up Microsoft points. Honestly, that’s what I recommend everyone do any ways. That way you can buy store items without feeling guilty or anything. The points might be better used saving up for a new game, but hey, if you want a bundle and don’t want to pay real money, this is one way.


Luckily the battle passes will always be around - as for the store and capstone challenge items though, who knows


Have you played campaign? There’s a few armor skins you can find there that don’t look too bad.


FOMO is an illusion you create yourself. What is there actually to miss out on?

Just saying, the system is is placed for weak minded players, and if you allow yourself to be weak, that is on you.

There isn’t a damn thing in any game “I need to have”.


Literally all I want is a black and dark red color scheme.
Not emile’s red arm and green tinged-grey.
Not scorpion punch where its the perfect shade of black, but the red is too bright.
Not the HCS armor kit where I have to be defualt mk 7.
Just straight black with red accents.
Instead my mk V[B] Armor is a recon version of emile.
And my mk 7 is literally just grey with a red visor. Even the campaign coatings its more of a light grey and red colors. (Which I won’t get until co-op is out in May)
Sure, they have the variety in armor right now. But there is no variety in color. My mk 7 and Tenrai are at default colors.
And my GF really wanted the Zeta sky armor, but the codes are still bugged out so she doesn’t have hers.
The coating system sucks for armor.


The only FOMO I got was for the cat ears and pink/white skin so I can annoy the most hardcore or hardcore fanboys.


Obviously. However this pay model is manipulative no matter how you slice it.

And clearly if I haven’t got anything I wasn’t weak either. I stood my ground. Sure a cool skin might tempt me but I’m not supporting this

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That was 343"s plan and many have fallen for it. It just shows me how weak minded this generation is that 343 can sell a turd and players will buy it. That is how far gone this generation is. It’s actually scary thinking how easily they can be manipulated and things are only going to get worse.


Honestly, the only FOMO that I could genuinely understand are the packs related to the events. I could see the bundles related to the events only showing up during the event week(s). So once, say, the Tenrai event’s 6 weeks are done with, I bet we won’t see any of those items show up in the store again (at least as the store is setup now, maybe in the future it’ll be expanded and include a section for bundles from previously held events). But everything else I don’t see any real reason to have FOMO over. If at some point you decide you do want to drop some money into the store for something, whatever the item(s) is/are, they’ll inevitably show up again.

You know it’s actually a funny feeling because I feel the opposite. I regret making any purchases from the store. Granted all but one of my purchases came from MS reward points, but I feel like my enjoyment for the game wouldve remained the same with or without all of my purchases. So yea… you feel like you’re missing out, I regret buying.

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Lol, I made a gigantic post about this, but this is exactly what 343 wants. They’re trying to manipulate people into buying more items and at higher prices than they normally would.

@MaldyMaldy, same here. I accidentally bought the battle pass while trying to gift it to a friend, and I felt pretty dirty afterwards. Aside from buying the campaign, I had a strong stance on remaining a 100% free player.


It sounds to be the same thing like being at school: if you do not follow a trend, you feel excluded. Only difference is that we are adults now. I would say it is more peer pressure than FOMO, but It doesnt make it better at all.

Interesting take by u/NotNate_ regarding the psychological tricks, just make your own opinion about it:

"In my non-psychologist but took a couple behavioral psych classes opinion, a lot of their defenders have a mix of compulsive spending disorder and stockholm syndrome.

Their behavior lines up with stockholm syndrome in that the gaming industry has been aggressively pushing more and more invasive nickel-diming monetization for so long the majority of players forget when $5 got you 5-7 new maps + skulls + acheivments + armor etc. They’re used to the “new normal” and that’s why they view people complaining about $20 shaders as unreasonable crybabies

The compulsive spending disorder synergizes with the stockholm syndrome in that, as with any addiction, pointing out the problem to the addict puts them into a defensive mindset. Like telling a stoner who wake n bakes everyday he has a problem, you’re not going to change their minds. If you give an addict the choice between you or the drug & they almost always choose the drug, in this case the little dopamine hit they get from buying things in the store. You see this not just in gaming mtx but also in people who max out credit cards telling themselves “they’ll pay it off.”

I think its a symptom of a larger problem in American culture, we romanticize instant gratification and debt to an unhealthy degree and are so entrenched in “us vs them” mentality that we divide ourselves into “shop fans” & “ftp enjoyers”. Again, not a psychologist by any means but thats my two cents.

tl;dr they’re addicts justifying why their dealer really isn’t that bad of a guy"

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To be fair, after using all the free unlocks, I made a spartan which looked pretty unique. So while it is possible to make a unique Spartan from free unlocks and event unlocks, if you miss these then it really sucks.

Thanks 343.


Sounds like your friends are alright with it. 343 is smart in how they know someone with the starter color might be urged to get a skin so they fit in with friends or simply not look like a newbie.

Battle Pass is only $10, and you get free skins from various events! Start Tenrai if you haven’t already. Cyber Shadow had some fun stuff for free, too. You’ll find something that works for you, I’m sure of it. :slight_smile:

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Marketing is intended to persuade people to buy things. You would be shocked at how random websites analyze where you move your mouse, frequency of visits, your age, and so much more in order to target YOU. It’s just good business.

If Halo makes you mad, I can’t imagine the thought of you at a grocery store. You know they position the milk in such a way that you will pass by tons of other items first, right?

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Except this grocery store is the only store. This grocery store prices everything higher than their previous stores of the same name. The milk and every item in front of it has been gouged to extreme prices. This grocery store makes us pay for the parking and the cart, something that was expected of their past grocery stores. This grocery store doesn’t make note of your habits and try to use them against you(the “good business” you mentioned), this grocery store knows your habits and tells you that that’s not good enough, you need to follow your friends’ habits. This grocery store doesn’t have anyone to come in and say “If your milk is $20, I’m going to shut you down.” Notice how grocery stores know that some people are willing to pay $20 for the milk, but they’re not allowed to try and convince everyone that milk should be $20, and they aren’t allowed to force everyone to pay that much. Your analogy was pretty bad, but I tried to work with it the best I could.

People will say this over and over again then when 343i release something they’re interested in they go “ooh piece of candy” and cave in.

This argument needs to stop being the “you ruined my precious!” and more the “I would prefer this over this” or “I want X from the store”

343i/MS are not going back, can’t put toothpaste back into the tube type of thing. This would be like going on the Fortnite forums (Epic Games Forums technically) and complaining about the store lol, will accomplish absolutely nothing.

You play the game, you talk on the forum.

If we’re talking about money at all, we’re in the realm of “time and attention is money.”

You’re still paying them.