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hello fellow custom map explorers! i would like to show my forge maps to as many people as i can! my gamertag is " Monoxide 0G" i recently started forging remakes and re-imaginings of our most favorite halo maps of all time! there’s a nice chilly remake of lockout called "Mono’s Lockout" and “lockout h5” there’s 2 versions of that map, one where you can get out of the map and explore, and then there’s the clean version where the escape to top-map is blocked up. then i made i nice vegetated and eerie version of halo 3’s Guardian called “Rock Guardian.” WITHIN THE LAST WEEK OR SO, i recreated halo 2’s Turf map and that’s called “Night Turf h5” it’s an urban version located on the moon and there’s a hidded whale on the map to beat up as well. last but not least, i recently made a BTB RE-IMAGINING OF BEAVER CREAK and it’s nothing short of a beautiful map, i STRONGLY RECOMMEND SHARING THIS BEAVER CREAK OVERHAUL! it’s called “BEAVER CANYON” beaver canyon is the big brother of beaver creak, containing mancannons, gungoose, and a few more additions to make the map chaotic as well as balanced:) made for btb ctf, and btb slayer!

remember fella’s don’t forget to follow and stay tuned for more maps!! the more people enjoy, the more i create!!!
gt: monoxide 0g

ps, there’s a hide and seek map called “horrorshow” it’s not entirely fixed up yet, but it’s a creepy setting none the less:)