Flyable pelican!!!

Someone may have already posted this, but people were asking about a fly able UNSC vehicle, and its been shown . Look at 4:50. The whole video shows a lot of the campaign, a little too much for me, so you may just want to skip to the 4:50.
Sorry for not posting a link, I messed it up and didn’t know how to fix it

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Did you mean this?

I think that’s the broadsword.

> I think that’s the broadsword.

I don’t think it is, the broadsword looked a little different. = Broadsword = Pelican gunship.

Looks more like the latter.

> I think that’s the broadsword.

Broadsword looks like a jet. Look at the wings, that’s a Pelican.

According to the IGN review, you’re able to fly the Pelican, AND it has a Spartan Laser variant of some kind as its primary weapon.

> “Halo 4 also finally lets me do two things I’ve always wanted to do in a Halo campaign: fight alongside other Spartans and fly a Pelican. It’s a treat to blast Covenant Phantoms out of the sky with the silver bird’s beefed-up Spartan Laser, giving a classic Halo vehicle its long-overdue moment in the sun.”

I’m a happy grunty now!

you can fly the pelican …