Flood's return

I think this topic has been made several times, but after seeing the trailer for EP 9, I really think something much more evil and dangerous than the didact is coming.

The didact is such an awesome character, but honestly he is not really a likable villain. A likable villain is one that makes you hate them because they just enjoy being evil for no reason. The didact actually have a reason.

What you guys think? Is the flood returning as the real bad guys?

Jul is not really likable as a villain either. I feel his reasons were justified.

In fact, I think the real bad guys here are ONI.

Have you read Cryptum and Primordium?

Read them, you’ll learn of whats coming.

Can you give me a brief synopsis of the book relevant to my questions?
I’m quite busy and don’t have much time to read even though I would love to read.

JSA will probably give you a better one, but basically the Precursors, a race that created both Humanity and the Forerunners, possibly created the Flood as a way to wipe out species they did not think could uphold the Mantle. We’re not sure about their exact relation with the Flood, but they are related somehow. But basically it was said that they would return to test Humanity at about the time we are in now (in Halo 4). This test is presumed to be the Flood.

Oh I see. I think the didact will join humanity or at least call a truce to deal with the flood.

Well, the part you’re looking for:

There was a Gravemind creature found and interrogated. He was the Primordial, claiming to be the/connected to the last Precursor.

He revealed that the Forerunners were never meant to bear the Mantle, the Humans were supposed to be tested.

He then revealed that the Flood attack was the Precursor’s Unity plan. (Specifics unknown).
He says that all life must be destroyed (Unified), and that in 100,000 years, when Humanity is ripe, the Flood will.retuen and bring them Unity.

Most people say this is our test. From the Primordial’s last few words before excecution, I disagree. I think it sounds like they’ve made up their mind, skipped the test, and are sending the Flood at us once more for Unity.

Unless Unity is the test.