FloodFiction, New Idea for Flood Game/Novel

So as far as I am aware, the Flood storyline leaves a few empty spaces in the plot. I have been thinking of how to fill these gaps. So first of all the forerunners had a severe war with the precursors over the mantle. In and attempt to save their race, some hid while others got turned to a sort of dust. (I know this is really rough but bear with me, just trying to skip through this) Humans resurrect this dust and it turns to the flood. Flood fight humans then attacks forerunners for revenge. (There is some resignation in my mind here because in Halo 4 they say the humans were fighting off the flood all the way through the Human-Forerunner war) Anyway, this sets the origins for the flood, but as for true origin and specific story, there lacks sufficient data or details are hazy at best. I move that we should form some media concerning the origin and a storyline to the creation of the flood. It could begin in another galaxy, at the edge of Andromeda or something. An ancient human colony that traveled through a Precursor unbending filament. In this galaxy was the creation of the Flood, which took over the base in which it was created and spread across the Andromeda Galaxy. With no halos, it was simple to take the entire galaxy for themselves. This creates a kind of Hypergravemind. He would be impossibly smarter, stronger, and more tactical in his approach at overtaking the Humans/Covenant empire that rules the Milky way. I feel first contact should occur several years after conquering the Didact. Humans-ever curious-would discover the gateway and venture in, first with probes, and then, sensing confusing readings, sends an AI attached to another probe, having lost the first. Once the probe makes it through the portal, giddy with the information she has just collected from the trip, the Hypergravemind ( we’ll call him Hyde for now) attacks and quickly decodes the AI, preventing her from alerting the Humans. While deciphering the information on the AI’s core, Hyde realizes that this is of an unknown race, but seems familiar. Using “his” incredible intellect, he quickly works out what human characters are and how to read coordinates. Being the omniscient ruler of the galaxy, Hyde knows exactly how to enact a teleportation to this section of the milky way. He sends a very small expedition force- which equates to hundreds of combat capable flood-ships of advanced Precursor and Ancient Human design. This force quickly annihilates the research facility at the opposite end of the filament. From there it takes the humans a couple weeks before the regular supply ship comes to the remote outpost with a shipment. They see the flood and call out across wideband frequency for help. This creates a kind of gory message when it reaches the UNSC as within the message all members die horribly to flood infection. After a few seconds, Hyde comes on and announces his presence/existence in both galaxies. From there the humans convince remaining Covenant to join them and any other races throughout the galaxy to fight off the final flood stronghold. Seeing as the Precursors, to my knowledge, were barely known to have jumped galaxies, it could be fair to say there was no access for the flood to travel farther. However, since the gates are the only way to get to this galaxy in ANY sense of a reasonable time, even in slipspace, just closing the gates should be sufficient to protect the Milky way for millennia. It could all come to a close with one of the remaining deactivated Halos being dragged out to the gate with Infinity and some Covenant Supercarriers to where ever the gate is and reactivated by Master Chief after the original detonation team was killed by the flood. It would be crazy gameplay, and edge of your seat story, or even a badass movie. I’d like your opinions on this and also your thoughts to include/exclude portions. If you think it’s worthy of anything, (or if someone plans on stealing it for profit) please, just a mention of my name would be amazing. If you think I could help you work on a novel for it, please tell me. You can reach me at my email (Erichjordan117@gmail.com) or through this account, though that is a bit less likely. Thank you all and please give me your opinions.

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