Ive never seen grunts and jackal be infected by the flood why? (i know that hunters cant be infected by the flood) but why dont grunts and jackels get infected please tell me

I think their bodies aren’t strong enough to handle the flood? Just what I’ve always thought.

are you sure?

because I dont know

Probably just an oversight. They are “sentient life” so should get equally affected.

Grunts became the big fat waddling flood forms that would get close, fall over and go boom, releasing the infectious forms to spew forth from them.
The flood deemed the Grunts not worth making into combat forms, so basically turned them into mobile incubators.
If you doubt me, check out the legs for the bulbous flood incubation forms. Same legs as a grunt… so now you know. And knowing is half the power!

Now the jackals? Those guys were Completely ignored by the flood for some reason. Not sure why.

When I was playing through Halo CE last night I was trying to match the Flood up with the Coventant. I knew the walking blobs or walking brains I call them was the Grunts. Look at how they act and you can tell they are Grunts; same with Elites. But Jackals…you’ve got a point Foehammer I couldn’t tell any that were Jackals.