Flood warzone video (firefight containment)

Stumbled across this video. Feedback? Firefight Containment

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It gos into some cool ideas


It’d be better if it were just like Firefight, rather than how it is described here. Spartan Ops didn’t have much replay value because it was too scripted and linear, this seems like a Spartan Ops+Left 4 Dead+ CoD Zombies combo.

I’d rather have a straight up COD zombies mode in halo, but with an easter egg that expands on the lore.

No on so many levels.

It sound exactly like COD Zombies, ill pass.

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> It sound exactly like COD Zombies, ill pass.

To be fair Cod zombies is very popular so you can’t exactly say its bad (not saying you are) so it might be a good idea to make it might be a popular gamemode as well and we could always use more game modes

I would like to see a Warzone in an infested city, and instead of Covies and Prometheans we fight flood type enemies. I think that would be a nice change to mix it up.