Flood vs Infection

I like the new flood mode and all and the flood design is pretty cool, but I also want to play the old Infection gametype.

Do you guys prefer flood or infection mode?


I really like the new flood mode, though i think that silly thruster pack ruins the game type.

Does anyone know if 343i is going to implement one-kill-per-headshot with pistols in flood?

Well seeing as Infection is quite literally 90% of what I played in Halo 3 on matchmaking…

You -Yoink-. Infection sucked. I mean, it was fun and was awesome and all, but zombies were WAY underpowered, it made the scoring system very unfair. Flood is way cooler, they just need to nerf or remove the thruster pack. That thing actually makes flood better than survivors. 343 went a bit too far there.

Also… the FLOOD have PROMETHIAN vision? That makes no sense either. And camouflage. Heck, the flood should just have all their powers removed and be rewarded with more health and speed.

The flood needs to be like they were in the campaigns. And infection should be right beside it. If we have both playlists then there’d be no reason to complain about which one is better.

To finish the topping, I want a Flood vs Zombies vs Humans playlist. A 3 way war, if possible.

Don’t remove this flood gametype!

I’m fine if they add more but if they remove it flood will be horrible :confused: This is seriously the first time infection took any kind of skill since save one bullet and I love it :slight_smile:

But please remove camo from human loadouts.