Flood Victory Commendations

I thought the Flood Victory Commendations were gain by Coming 1st but I’m
not Certain But I think that my Commendations Have not Moved off 14/25 or
If they have Its been Very slow.

Now I’ve play A lot of Flood Today & have come 1st place in most of these
games, I guess around Ten, I will get the 750xp for The Victory, But looks
Something is wrong With this Commendation.

How should I go about Seeking help to get this Issue Check?

Any Assistance an Information be great, off bed will read any Reply’s in the morning.

You’ve got to come first overall in score not in the rounds.

So… you should’ve gone up seen as you did come first looking at your history.

Yeah I’ve got the Highest score around ten Time’s yesterday, Received 750xp for the Victory But the last few day’s I think it’s been siting on 13-14 /25.

Is there Anyone around Who be able to Review, It may be player Error, But I think it’s a Bug.

Or Idea’s were to Seek help?

The only problem I had when I played it was to win, took me 11 games to get 3 wins.

Either way, it was a long time ago, but I don’t think they’ve updated the commendations.

Look how many wins you have, and then play a couple of games and write down each win you get, then take a look at the commendation, if you then have 14 from before and got three wins and it’s not 17, take a look at your match records here, some matches have the habit of becoming "DNF"s which count as a loss. Look at which you actually won and see if they are DNFs. That could be one problem.

If that’s not the case, then it’s probable that there is a glitch. I have however never experienced a glitch in the commendation system.