Flood question:

Hey there,

I was playing on some flood matches yesterday and I’ve not played much of it in H4 but is there a game type where someone is a purple spartan? Not flood conversion, but purple armor. I was shooting at someone I thought was flood but closer examination after killing them I got a betrayal notice and I was not flood converted yet. So was this a glitch or hacker? Just curious if someone knows. Yesterday seemed like a gliched fest afternoon in some areas. Thanks

I would have no idea. But u can check back in the Theater mode what really happened. If u do, let us know what u see

Thanks I forgot to think about that. Have to see if its still in my history.

This has happened to me multiple times. I have even spawned with an Assault Rifle and every other Spartan was red. You would even get rewarded for a kill if you killed another Spartan.

It was actually really fun because there were still Zombies running around as well.