Flood playlist needs some fixing.

I know this is a new variant, but you replaced infection. Flood needs work, like:

1)Better maps, not just the lame default layouts.(maps built for flood, halo 3 did great on this.)
2)Shields on the infected, why? Its hard enough to stay alive as is, then you put in shields for the infected. That renders the magnums useless for precision.
3)Thruster packs kill this game-type, they need to be replaced or removed.
4)Shotguns are -blam!-, they have no range, even for close quarters.

These are the problems with the custimizable game-type:

  1. Flood cannot hold weapons, meaning no Snipers, cops and robbers, teacher, duck-hunts etc.
  2. Players are all green, why? Whats wrong with the freedom of showing your own colors?
  3. Host should have the ability to remove the flood skin as an appearance option.

343, you made a good game, don’t waste it. Little things like these will ruin a game.