Flood Mode Weapon/AA Spawns Balance for MM

This is what is in Flood Mode (Default I’m assuming):

Weapons: Shotgun, Magnum
AAs: Promethean Vision, Hardlight Shield, or Active Camo

Weapons: Energy Sword/Claw Skin
AAs: Promethean Vision, Thruster Pack, or Active Camo

This is particularly for Matchmaking/Living Dead playlist, to make it more balanced and fair. Because this is Default, this may not count, as Default Infection in Reach is not Default Infection in Living Dead.

I like the Flood’s Loadouts. However, I believe the Human’s Loadouts are unfair to the Flood.

  1. Promethean Vision. This allows Humans to know where Flood are and prepare even better. This makes some sense, however, when their in a locked down fort, knowing where charging zombies are is unfair to the zombies. Get rid of this.

  2. Active Camo. Just let the Humans hide? I understand camping, but hiding? This does nothing but slow down gameplay. Get rid of this.

  3. Hardlight Shield. I have nothing wrong with this. This allows, essentially, a sort of Sword Block. While I don’t like Sword Block, especially not for Infection, I can kinda deal with this.

  4. Weapons. Shotgun; I believe should be Scattershot. Reasons are 1 less bullet in a clip and disintegrating Flood makes complete sense. What I have a big problem with is the Magnum. In Reach, one of the reason Living Dead was not as good as Halo 3’s was because every Human spawned with, basically, a mini DMR. This cannot happen again in Halo 4. Replace the Magnum with the Boltshot, and we basically got Halo 3’s Magnum, but shoots faster, thus making Flood Mode more fun.

As for Flood AA’s, I have absolutely no problems with them. This adds more variety and teamwork.

This is one of the main things IMO that should balance Flood Mode and make it more fun.

And Thanks so much 343i for making Flood Combat Forms when infected in Infection a reality!

You said “assuming” so I will disregard everything you just said,true facts please.

> You said “assuming” so I will disregard everything you just said,true facts please.

I said assuming “Default” because this is only gametype version that was played in London. Playing the Default version would make the most sense.