Flood mode needs an update...

Hello friends, I have talked about Flood mode before but I would like to talk about it again (in more detail), in a more respectful manner as to not offend anyone. Flood in it’s current state is okay but it needs some fine tuning to make it better.

The Flood:
The Flood themselves are kind of overpowered. Thruster packs make them hard to shoot and move too fast to kill via a shotgun or a pistol. It needs to be cut.

I propose the Flood loadouts have:

  • increased move speed
  • sprint
  • camo and Promethean vision

The pistol should be tweaked to have instant kill headshots as the Flood don’t have shields, the current bullet to kill ratio is not very good.


  • 1 shot to the head
  • 2-3 to the body

Humans are fine the way they are now, they should however be able to pick up ammo as the ammo is not in large enough amounts to last the time limit.

I propose that ordinance be dropped randomly containing pistol/shotgun ammo. It would help reward survivors.

Also, last man should get overshield bonus if he is going to have a target on his head.

Flood has potential to be a great game mode, I just think it needs to have a few adjustments.