Flood Mode/Infection

Hi there. I’d like to start by saying I love Flood mode and what you’ve done with halo 4. But I’d very much like to also have infection back, at least for custom games. Now all the classic games where the zombie is chasing you around the map with a rocket or a hammer is impossible. Plus there is no way to turn off the flood skin or change the player color. So please, bring back infection, or take off these restrictions. If you don’t give us back the custom game freedom then Halo 4 may have a short life.

Yup, we can no long play duck hunt, cops and robbers, and such stuff. Mainly cause they cant pick up other weapons other than their fleshy sword.

Seconded, the Custom Games community pangs for its return, and I couldn’t care less if the infected would look like the Flood, I just want to change their weapons.

I agree, but complain here:

I too want infection back in matchmaking alongside flood, or at least make the pistol a 2 or 3 shot kill and let us have our default colors not that green/yellow.

Agreed. I love the Reach infection game mode.