Flood mode in halo 5

343 If you guys put flood in halo 4 make it so they can pick up other weapons and those weapons slowly turn into a flood weapon because most people don’t really like how the flood can only have the claw also if you let flood have weapons in Halo 5 then let them have the claw to and have a small ammo clip for that weapon so they have to reload a lot for that weapon or they can just use the claw.

This belongs in the muliplayer forum.

I know but i could not find it so made a poll

> I know but i could not find it so made a poll

It’s directly below the Halo Universe forum.

I really thought the Flood would be able to use weapons in Customs. I was very shocked to see that not happen. Maybe it’ll be in via TU.

For Halo 5, just give an option where the Flood can use weapons. Keep Flood the Flood. It’s the best thing that’s happened to Infection since it became it’s own official gametype. I love the Flood being in. Makes the zombies gametype an actual zombies gametype! And hearing Flood come after you adds a scary dynamic (play Halo Slender in Customs for a perfect example). But let the Flood use weapons in Customs as an option. Seriously. Why it isn’t in Halo 4 is beyond me.

Make it where they can use a weapon and the Claw. Put the Claw on the left arm.
For example: If you want just the Claw, choose Energy Sword. This gives the Flood a Claw on the right arm too. If you choose a weapon, then the right hand holds the weapon while the left arm is the left Claw, and if you have Energy Sword, you lunge with the right Claw. You melee with the Claw. For grenades, just do it like the Knights, and have the grenade shot out of the Claw.

Half your poll choices have no relation whatsoever to Flood mode, please next time be simple instead of including everything under the sun in your poll.

I agree. I think you should be able to switch between a claw and a gun. If not that, then reintroduce duel weilding, and make the energy swords and its analog the ‘Flood claw’ duel weldable. It honestly seems much more fun and realistic that way.

hey silent I know some arent flood but they are other community ideas