Flood Mode improvements

First off this is my 1st post to waypoint. Please don’t say “HURR U KNOE NUTHIN U HAVE 1 POST1111!”

I Think that the flood should have promethean vision and be able to sprint. I find it annoying when they thruster over you and you get distracted. This mostly ends in me getting infected because some mindless wetbrain flew across the map and i was hit from behind while trying to hit him.

I think with the flood having sprint and promethean vision that the pistol should be beefed up a bit. That thing eats through bullets and i am pretty sure it is not a 1 hit headshot

First i would like to welcome you to waypoint.

Second, i agree with you. I dropped Flood playlist immediately, because of the thruster packs being used and a quick drop in my K/D. i could barely hit a killing spree. I find the thruster pack pretty cheap. When you mentioned Promethean vision and sprint, I agree. Pro-Vision and Sprint should replace Thruster Pack.

I agree. Thruster-pack is OP in Flood mode, it should either be toned down or removed entirely.

As for this pistol, it’s practically become a joke. It was once a weapon suited for long ranges and could often down people in an instance. Now because Flood mover very fast and have thruster-packs, it’s best to stick with the shotgun completely. 343i really need to sort out these problems.

> First off this is my 1st post to waypoint. Please don’t say “HURR U KNOE NUTHIN U HAVE 1 POST1111!”

I’ve never seen anybody do that here. When I typically see newcomers, most of us end welcoming them. We don’t hold your post count against you. Quantity of posts does not always indicate that they are of good quality.

Oh yeah, and welcome to Waypoint!

I wouldn’t mind so much if, y’know, the pistol did what it was meant to do and headshot-kill stuff. Like it did in Reach. Like it did in Halo 3, for that matter. The pistol has less than no point in Flood.

On the plus side, the unique models are pretty awesome. On the down-side, AGAIN we get no Flood-variant maps. Halo 3 was the only one to ship with ready made Infection maps, if I remember right. It took Reach ages to get variants, and even then they often came with a stupid weapons variant (like Ghosts) rather than the fun-fest that was Halo 3 infection.

In my opinion, what could be done;

  1. Map variants. Flood style.
  2. Remove Flood shields and restore pistol’s one-shot to the head = kill. It’s not like you have much ammo for the damn thing, it might as well DO something.
  3. Thruster pack, in my opinion, shouldn’t force you into third person. I actually never use the damn thing as Flood, because it’s so disorientating. But that’s not a flood specific problem, so oh well.

Thanks for the welcomes guys! :slight_smile: