Flood mode: custom options?

As we all know, the new Flood Mode is the spiritual successor to the extremely successful infection gametype of the past 3 halos. And of course, running around as a flood-infected spartan with a menacing claw is certainly going to be entertaining. However, has no one else though of the limitations this could bring to gameplay?

What if this new flood model is the only model available in infection(flood)? Surely this may not seem like a bad thing at first, but would you honestly want to be playing other infection variants(like cops and robbers, teacher, ghostbusters, etc) fighting flood? But I understand not everyone cares about these skins. In fact that problem isn’t what directly effects me. Which brings me to my next point.

Customization. As we know, CTF has been severely limited in its customization, simply because 343 wished for the carrier to serve a single role as carrier. They wanted you to feel like it was your sole purpose to carry that flag once you pick it up, and giving you no choice in the matter. 343 also wants players to feel like a flood when infected, meaning that their only duty is to infect others. Do you think it’s possible that they could, in doing so, remove the immense amount of customization that made infection a popular gametype to begin with?

And finally, my last little is the claw. This has been asked for so many times that its not even funny. Of course, the claw is only a re-skinned energy sword, and only an infected player can use it. But what if instead of only flood being able to use it, the claw is the only weapon that the flood are able to use? What if there is no possibility to switch out the claw for other weapons like we could in the past? If this were to be the case, then custom games would be as good as dead(infection was by far the most popular gametype played in customs since it its creation in the golden days of halo 2, and to this day remains the bulk of custom gametypes played)

I seriously hope that in making this spiritual successor to infection that 343 haven’t forgotten what have made it popular in the first place. But with the way a lot of things in this game are tuning out, only time will tell. Thoughts?

I couldn’t agree more. I personally wanted to play as a Flood in Infection mode for SO long and I’m happy we finally got it. But what if I want to play Cops and Robbers or something of that sort? Hopefully they add the options of original infection as WELL as this new flood mode.

Completely agree. Definitely want more customization options for Flood Gametype.

I totally argree, but the claw looks pretty badass, it would be awesome if you could use it in forge

100% totally agree. Also, as an idea, I think a flood variant of the Gravity Hammer would be pretty awesome too. Just saying…

Also, while looking online for gametypes, I did stumble upon a “fixed” variant of the Flood gametype that does indeed allow for classic Infection, as opposed to our modern Flood. If you would like, I’ll put it on my File Share. I take no credit for the gametype’s creation.