Flood Matchmaking Update?????

It perplexes me how 343 haven’t even bothered to tweak the settings of this highly unbalanced game mode. Humans are under powered, and the flood are OP. 343, you already wrecked the custom game settings, can you at least try and tweak the match making game mode?

  • Give the Last Man Standing an over-shield and/or other attributes to give him a fighting chance.

-Pick up ammo from fallen friends (Never understood why this was never implemented)

-Remove betrayals

-Fix the friendlies appearing as enemies bug.

-Flood should have NO THRUSTER PACK, or a thruster pack that strong (make it similar to campaign strength. Make Prometheus vision default, and give them infinite sprint.

-Fix alpha traits. Why the hell is alpha traits lost upon death?

I agree

and another thing - I could be wrong about this, but something else to change is that I’m pretty sure kills as the flood don’t earn any energy sword commendations. I think that should definitely be implemented as well.

I would just like all the options we had in Reach (if not more) for customs when it comes to “Flood” aka: Living Dead/Infection. As far the MM playlist goes, it is actually quite balanced. My only issue with it is the glitches and the lack of any unique zombie themed forge maps.

It is way to o easy to die as a human without any place to hide or camp. While yes you now fear the flood, it really is ridiculous in matchmaking. Reduce lunge range and then things I think will be better. But as of now, sword lunge is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! I don’t think I could stress that enough.

Yup, thats why i moved from that to BTB. I miss the Infection from Reach. screams

This is the dumbest complaint. Who cares about balance in a party game mode? Its Flood for christs sake. If anything, the Humans are OP, its way not-fun to be flood as is. Someone who can survive as human for a long time has the best chance of racking up a high score. The goal isnt to have “humans win” its to do the best, be it flood or human.

It doesnt matter if “Flood” is OP (which it isnt) because all you have to do is die, then you can be flood too. Good luck getting a high score as flood though.