Flood Leader Spoiler

If you haven’t finished Halo Wars 2 main Campaign and ATN please stop reading this post. Thanks.

Well, it seems that finally what we thought was Decimus infected flood wasn’t a thing. Or at least I see it like that. I wanted to bring this subject because I feel that following Halo lore flood taking into corpses is something not that crazy, at least when the body just die I think flood can still infect it. If I dont remember bad, playin Halo I remember seeing flood spores taking into marines and other flood forms in the ground that suppousely already die. Of course in the case of Decimus is not that clear, and seeing that nothing came in ATN relative with this didnt surprise me at all. Still I thought those concept where really cool.Anyway, I hope one day in the future, in a new expansion or new game hopefully we can get a flood form playable.