Flood leader and forerunner leader halo wars 2

It would be so awesome if they added a flood leader and forerunner leader to halo wars 2 i can tell you now it would add so much new flavour to the game and imagine the endless possibilities. So please make a flood leader

While it would be great for them to add them as factions, one of the core problems is the lack of a big team behind the game anymore while we still have a few members working on the game etc Postums(as far as I know), the likely hood of us getting a whole new faction is low. The Forerunners are very unlikely as they have only about 4 units in the game (mainly in the campaign), the flood on the other hand could be a more likely possibility due to there being a lot of the units available from the first game and the DLC in this one which could be used. So if we were to get one of the two flood is the likely chance as there is already assets in the game for them which could be used as basses and units.