Flood Infection!

The idea is to have a “Flood Infection”. It fits into the actual infection concept of previous Halo campaigns and has more of a zombie feel to it. The Spartan would be the uninfected and the Flood the obvious infected. The Flood players at the start would have a randomly selected body type selected by the system and move to infect the Spartans. As they become infected they would themselves receive a randomly selected infected type and so on. The infected types would be limited to keep lag down. To prevent camping the entire map would swarm with parasites, the small spider like creatures, that would leave a moving player alone and attack when a player does not move or stays in a very confined area for more than say…5 seconds. The player could fight them off or run away eluding the “lock” of the parasite if he created a big enough gap between he and them. This would force movement and bring a new dynamic to the game type. There would also be maps designed specifically for infection that may even have changing environments ie. passageways, openings and ladder and ramps would randomly move making popular fighting areas move across the map. Finally, give forge the full range necessary to create new maps to be made available to the community.