Flood/Infection Gametype Armor Permutations

One thing Halo 4 did very right was give a visual difference between playing as a Spartan or a Flood in this game type, which was a huge leap forward for the infection style game.

They need to take this a step further and

  • A) have the base model be the spartan that you normally use, including color, etc…- B) based on infection performance, unlock Flood permutations like growths and tentacles and placement of the infection form that is controlling you, how your spartan head hangs limply to the side, or if you even have a head, missing/replaced limbs, etc…- C) unlock greater flood-weapons like more tentacles coming out of both arms, back, or legs, OR ranged form spikes to shoot with at a distance- D) Flood abilities to match spartan (and possibly elite abilities, if elites become playable in multiplayer, they should have elite flood forms as well)… Abilities could be cough up infection form, crawling on walls, carrier-form explosion upon death.

what do you think?

B and C sound like Evolve.

never heard of it

one person is the monster against a team of survivors and the monster has to eat wild creatures to evolve and gain more abilities and aesthetic look.

Good idea, but it runs the risk of being a loadout, which are really bad news in Halo. But it could be fun.

I like the idea of going further with infection mode but it should be ascetic only or maybe abilities only changed in custom games because it sounds like loadouts and Halo does not mix with those