Flood in Warzone

I wish Flood were introduced at some point in the campaign for it to make sense for us to fight Flood in Warzone. This would make for some crazy games. That or have the flood just run rampart on everything at 10 or 15 minutes into the game. Would really shake things up.

What are your thoughts?

Wow… Flood in WZ firefight, that would blow everyone away with excitement. They won’t do it. But if they ever did, maybe H6? When they end this trilogy and start (hopefully) the new one. I hope they introduce flood again hinting to a new trilogy in H6.

Canonically this could exist, as there is a Flood mode in War Games (Halo 4) and a Flood mode in the UNSC tactical simulator (Spartan Assault).

From a real world perspective, though, I don’t think 343i would include that for Halo 5’s Warzone. “Infection” is supposed to come back to War Games in the near future, so let’s see at least if there are new infected Spartans, as in H4 and H2A.