Flood in Custom Games

If you didn’t know, Halo: Reach has a Zombie “color” for Infection game types. The color is simply a dark-colored player model. The Flood is similar to the modern connotation of zombies: a reanimated life form. In Halo 3, the combat forms featured were Brutes, Elites, and more importantly Humans. If I am correct, the Flood forms had animations for wielding every weapon. If the Flood appear in Halo 4, infected players should have the same player model as Human Combat Forms. Combat Forms are definitely scary enough to be fit for zombies, especially when compared to a black Spartan/Elite. Wouldn’t it be great running away from a horde of Flood friends with Energy swords? According to 343i, no Covenant will be featured in the new Halo (no infected Covenant?). If the hitboxes for normal player models and Combat Forms are different, adjusting will be needed. Without any disadvantages it would be a mistake not adding Combat Forms as a replacement for the “Zombie” color.