Flood forums in halo waypoint forums.


Now most of us know there is a flood section for the bungie.net forums. The flood forums are used by people who talk about things non halo-related. For example:

  1. relationship issues
  2. other video games
  3. problems in general
  4. anything !!!
  5. To be honest u can even talk about halo.

In this thread i am requesting a flood type of forums, and asking users to use that phrase above me incase your not talking about halo and until there is a flood forums.

Make sure to include “flood” in your title too.

This is just another thread waiting to become popular so there can be a new phrase invented, like in b.net people say inb4lock,

discuss what other phrases you guys should think would be appropriate for these forums to use, think of the phrases as a fasion show (who knows your phrase could become popular).

I’m a bit unsure about this idea… A flood forum might attract unwanted people.

No. That place bred stupidity of the highest order. I like the little forums going here much better. Everyone seems smarter and there’s actual structured discussion going on.

No please. Too many trolls, unfortunately. I would be nice, but people would abuse it.

Personally, I would prefer a more organized and civil off-topic discussion, like a debate forum. A lot of the “though-provoking” discussion boards I used to visit had intelligent posters with even more intelligent opinions/ideas. I liked MLG’s thought-provoking forum, Forgehub’s debate forum (before it got closed), and of course, youdebate.com. These forums always seemed to bring the best (and admittedly the worst) out of people.

Or you can just go use that flood form…

I agree. A Flood-type subforum would attract too many unwanted individuals. Let’s keep our community pure.

Ya, except just call it off topic.