Flood Firefight!!!

Hi. This is a link to a thread on b.net about an idea that just EXPLODED into our heads. I would be the user, ODSTbag.
Basically, we want to create a possible plot or at least future gametype for Halo 4, should it come out (please x 7)!

Firefight is an AWESOME gametype, the customization options in Halo Reach are impressive. But how about even more options? Fight the flood!

We can be elites who defend High Charity, fighting in the Quarantine zone, Sacred Icon, the Gas mine, the Pillar of Autumn, the swamps of installation 04, and more. We can have more skins available. For example, before, all infected marines/brutes/elites looked alike. Here though, we can have infected marines, ODST’s, pilots, and more. Infected species that were never shown to be infected before may be included as well such as Buggers (Yanme’e) or Skirmishirs. We can re0use Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3 maps if we need to. Old flood models may be re-used. The return of the mighty flood juggernaut would be VERY interesting.

Flood spawning can be through a variety of ways depending on the map and canon. In maps like the infested High Charity, Sacred icon, the Quarantine Zone, they can simple jump really high into the air and into the map. In maps like high charity and the pillar of autumn, we can have “monster closets” much like in Halo 3 ODST/Reach. Flood dispersal pods can also be put in one way or another. Also, we can have some maps like the infected sector of Voi, and the flood constantly climb from the cliffs.

The flood mist effect can be put in to add fear and anxiety among the players. Depending on the map, players may be elites and/or spartans. Custom setting can also be manipulated just like in Halo Reach. In some cases, we wondered if the infection forms can infect the player WHILE still alive. Also, since we have assassinations, we can save players from INFECTIONS.

I’m new here, also used to B.net, so what are your views on this? Halo 4, please 343, you can do this!


oops. I forgot to put the link. Here. Also, suggestions and criticism is welcome if it is constructive and helpful.

This seems like a really good idea, I’m for this idea all the way. I was really hoping to see some flood that were merely concepts for to come alive, such as the flood transport form. There is so much potential to this idea because flood evolve and turn into things we have never seen before. They have to have flood in firefight in the next game, I believe it’s a necessity to have it implemented.

I would rather just have the ability to play Firefight on Forge map variants.

How awesome would it be to set up Blood Gulch with AI Dropship spawns, Weapon drop locations, etc.

I would definitly for THAT DLC. :slight_smile:

> Here though, we can have infected marines, ODST’s, pilots, and more. Infected species that were never shown to be infected before may be included as well such as Buggers (Yanme’e) or Skirmishirs.

the reason you never see the smaller covenant species as flood is because they don’t have sufficient body mass for the flood to use as hosts. i believe that was mentioned in halo: the flood.

that said, those are all cool ideas! i’d love to see firefight with flood. you could even turn it into a VS mode. you’d have to add some marine fodder in there so you could kill marines off then send a carrier form in to drop infection forms, then players can take control of any combat form on the field. obviously, that would have to be in a new game.

YO dude!I already made the post but I didnt even put as much detail as you!Even im new anyways.We both are the inspirations of this topic!

ME and ODSTbag are the inventors of this topic.(He started it,and I gave him some possibilities which he listed here.Ask him XD)


This is a great idea I love it. But it would be cooler if say 20 people join a firefight match and 2 people turned into flood and the other people didn’t.

It would introduce a lot of teamwork and heaps of fun.

Even if you don’t agree with what I said, I definately agree with your idea.

This sounds really fun but maybe it could be like DS2 (Dead Space 2) multiplayer you play as a squad of marines trying to complete objectives and the other team try’s to stop you and can infect you and use your body. If you were human you started off with assult rifles and magnum’s but as you complete more objectives you can get beater guns. You would have infinity respawn’s. If you were the flood you start off as bubble flood and infect a marine and get his weapons. But when you die you start off as a bubble again.

A Flood Firefight? Its a very interesting proposal, popular enough to be brought up time after time by the inspiring Halo fanbase. I’m really not knocking you here either, because I enjoy the concept. I can imagine it already… after defeating waves of Elites and Brutes in a previous round… you enter the terrifying Flood round! …and it begins with Infection forms transforming any previous fallen combatants.

I totally agree with the thought that mist should fog out the map. It really adds to the atmosphere. I think a scary or tense Flood theme from one of the soundtracks, adapted for the pace of Firefight would really add to the ambience too. But this is what really gets me excited (and makes me scared), but the thought that Flood would try to infect you, and that you have the ability to save teammates from infection? Brilliant! xD

One final note: Could you imagine what Firefight Versus would be like? So for the majority I guess, you would have the usual setup: Spartan players Vs Elite players and their Covenant armies. But what happens if in the game settings you were to include a Flood round? I guess it would be the Spartan players Vs the Elite players Vs The Flood. Pretty crazy.

For all who have payed Halo you should know The Flood, so I was thinking what if they made A flood map pack/firefight so you could battle the flood and just keep going or possibly a mix between flood and covenent. some of my friends and I were discussing this and thought it would be a good Idea I just want to know your opinion.

Flood Firefight has always been an idea I would love to see come to Halo Reach.

Now that I know Firefight DLC is possible…I want it all.

And I want it now.


> Flood Firefight has always been an idea I would love to see come to Halo Reach.
> Now that I know Firefight DLC is possible…I want it all.
> And I want it now.
> =D

be patiant, it’s one thing makeing a new map which is already extremely hard but makeing entirely new character models and AI is even more difficult and i cant see it makeing reach.

BUT it would be a great addition for a halo CE remake if one is ever made!

Id rather not purchase another Fire Fight map, however the idea is good and has been mentioned a lot of times, but we don’t see the flood at all in Halo: Reach and it’s more of a human story, not the bigger picture. It only makes sense to reveal such a mode in their next big game with the Master Chief. We haven’t seen the last of the flood.

Flood Firefight sounds cool but not for each, maybe they’ll put it in the next halo.

I’ve been met with a lot of hostility in the past for suggesting such a thing, but I still hope there are enough numbers who like it to make it a feasible prospect. I’m glad to see someone else interested in the Idea.

Personally, I love the Flood and the dynamic it has within the Halo story. Don’t get me wrong, the universe and storytelling within is fascinating but (possibly due to my love of the chaotic) I felt that the flood helped to introduce something to break up the linearity of the plot. I set up a new group facebook recently to try generate a buzz again about introducing the Flood into upcoming halo multiplayer and/or firefight modes. Maybe something like the horde mode in GoW or the way in which Deadspace 2 has approached multiplayer, allowing the player to play as the Flood, I think it would be great fun!

It can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/343-Industries-should-introduce-The-Flood-into-Halo-Multiplayer/190036034380984

If anyone Pro this idea would like to become an admin feel free to let me know!

Kudos to GruelingTurtle7

The hostility I was faced with back in april 2010: http://www.bungie.net/Forums/posts.aspx?postID=42917961

Flood firefight = most likely harder

People are scared of the unknown and change. Hence all the hostility towards you.

Flood Firefight for the win!

Flood in Firefight would be great! Would be cool if they built off FF Vs. and made it so you can play as other Covenant units, and play as the Flood! Epic 3 way battles! :slight_smile:

A forerunner sentinel firefight, where sentinels of all kinds would come after you.