Flood custom games

I have recently found that flood mode has a couple of flaws for custom games.

  1. No custom flood loadouts
    This destroys about 50% of halo custom games out there E.g: Cops’n’robbers

  2. You can’t place weapons on the map and have them spawn in custom games
    I tried to make a map where the humans would have to scavenge for weapons but they didn’t spawn. This ruins a few custom game options as well.

If any of the issues I have brought up are fixed and in the game and I ahven’t found them then please tell me.

343 please put these features in HALO 4!

1: True, and it sucks. You can change AA though with base player traits, but then it will override EVERYONE’s AA. It’s good if you want the flood to have a specific AA if you make players unable to use AA. I made a game where flood had auto sentries.

2: You can place both initial and random ordinances. Initial ordinances work exactly the same as placing weapons on the ground but the aesthetic feel is different.

its literally one of the worst games ever made. 343 is pathetic in my opinion. so much wrong.