Flood AR Glitch

There is a video in my FileShare (TheMightyMidgi7) depicting the glitch below. Seriously, it’s short and worth a watch.

I was playing a lot of flood today and usually stay in the party for multiple games. One time when there was an annoying kid with a mic in the group, I decided to find a new game. I left the lobby and searched for a new match. I joined in half way and something was weird. I was using an AR.

The game played like this for the first round:
-I had and AR and Pistol and so did my guest. AR was EXTREMELY OP against everyone because of its range.
-Both my guest and I were on our own team.
-Both flood and survivors were enemies that I could shoot.
-Getting killed did not make me change teams or become flood. I just respawned with my AR.
-Any survivors I killed spawned as flood. You can see it on the video from the perspective of the one survivor I killed near the end.
-After that 1 round was over, my guest and I were on correct teams with correct equipment.

I wanted to know if anyone else has gotten this glitch. It was by far the most fun I’ve had playing flood. I’m trying to repeat it, but it’s difficult trying to join into a game in progress, and I don’t even know how it happened.

I’ve heard of people spawning with DMR’s as well. Hopefully 343 will patch it in the next update.

Wow, a DMR would be insanely OP…