Flood and Promethean in Firefight?

If firefight returns to Halo Xbox One along with Spartan Ops, then this would be a great opportunity to fight against Covenants, Floods, and Prometheans in firefight.

Don’t forget about other possibilities like brute, skirmisher, jackal pirates, drone, and innies faction
and precursors possibly.

Also, don’t forget about customization like reach’s firefight had.
so we could fight marines, ODST’s, all three types of Spartans…

Floodfight. The day that happens, I will be a very, very happy man.

Yes, I want all of them! Also so we could play as ODST’s Marines, or spartans. And a Pre order pack with Johnson, Stacker, Buck, Romeo, Dutch, Micky, Dare, Rookie, Noble Team, Spartan Red Team(From Halo Wars), Arbiter, and Skip master as playable characters.