Flood 2.0

Infection should return, Flood should become something different but something more.

Flood 2.0 would be either a tower defense type mode where two teams must defend their bases while creating other bases and upgrading and fortifying them, one team is the flood and the other the spartan team sent to wipe away any evidence of the flood being there, this would be classed based and you can build things like vehicle stations, weapon shops, and more!

There could also be an Invasion and Infection hybrid where the flood gets more powerful forms each time they advance but to unlock those powerful forms you must earn a certain amount of points to get them, again with the classed based stuff but here it’s based on what map you’re playing on like Reach invasion was but you can still customize the loadouts a little bit.

There’s different flood forms that vary from the usual spartan form that you see in Flood now, such as a ranged form that could latch onto walls and shoot enemies form a distance, or stealth form that could activate active camo to sneak around and eliminate enemies in 1 or 2 hits but has a small amount of health, and even some sort of Flood Juggernaut.

Don’t forget to post your thoughts on all of this!