In a game of invasion in boneyard today, as I was firing back at the campers in the first zone, I realized that it would be helpful if someone was there, annoying the hell out of snipers by making them flinch (scope out) and keeping your allies safe until they rushed the objective.
Now, of course Halo (and believe me, this is from personal in-game experience, not in general) doesn’t seem to have a liberal population (as in differentiating from the norm, i.e. not using power weapons or doing something to benefit your team). Still, has anyone else thought of this?

On the concept, do any of you think it is an overpowered feature?
In the field it is an annoyance (I don’t rage over it) but stepping outside of the field, I think it is a good feature, especially with countering sniper rifles.

  1. yes, it is benificial to have multiple teammates attack n objective making it harder for defenders to use their scopes… This tactic has been in use for over 10 years

  2. I have no idea what else you are talking about, please rephrase

By what I said, I mean that it’s extremely rare to get players who think “Oh, maybe I should try to help my team by using a sniper covering fire tactic.”
You don’t see that often (leastaways I don’t. Actually, never), and that’s what I mean by “Now of course Halo doesn’t seem to have a liberal population.”

Nope you won’t. I played enough inv to know that if you care about winning to the point that losing is detestable. You need a team. Most of my invasion team has moved onto halo 4 and then just Stoped caring about halo… Not quite finding halo 4 satisfactory.

You won’t find great teammates by matching with them. You find great teammates by matching against them, giving them hell and hopefully they invite you.

I sucked. When I played invasion a group of experienced players tried to spawn kill the hell out of us. Half our team gave up and started going AFK… I continued to fight. I stuck two of them, through much yelling rallied my team to a close tie. The enemy team backed out and invited me to play. Been playing with them ever since. Their experience led me to having a 93% win record in invasion.

Any basic plan is better than nothing a reliable plan with reliable players is everything. Reach population is dropping. If you get any of your friends with the resolve of never giving up, I’m sure you’ll do fine.

After every body knows their role in the fight… Just chill. Chat and win. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DHneTLn8ok&list=UURGk_T1HwoFwow1p9sf_ztQ&index=5

Yes, everytime on Boneyard as an elite: i grab the needle rifle ad fire at the Spartans who have picked up the DMR to provide cover for my team to traverse the open low ground safely. Then i move on to attack the objecive

Upon breaking through the first point, i head backwards to protect the elite vehicles from being stolen by the spartans, i jump on the ghost protect the area waiting for the wraith to spawn whilst waiting for a competent player to come and grab the wraith. (although at this point i have had idiots plasma grenade my ghost betraying me thinking i want the wraith for myself).

On the third section, i grab the Supersticky launcher and elite beam rifle and take out the enemy tank, then provide cover for the Banshee from the sniper who no doubt will be on the balcony to the far left of the human structure.

My whole aim in Invasion is to facilitate my teammates. If my team mates are competant that is.

Some idiots just play invasion for the kills and not for the objective.
Those type normally quit if the first half is lost.

Invasion can be extremely frustrating…
Invasion is so predictable most of the time. One team breaks through the other team like they are AI’s. The other team can’t advance past their spawn point.
I hate being on the idiot team. That is why I usually don’t care much about my teamates on that game mode.
I don’t quit myself, but when my team is losing to wimps who camp with the power weapons or my team is hopeless in invasion (it takes a team effort to cap the objectives, otherwise it’s suicide) I either wait for the timer to go down (usually near the end of the game this happens) or I quit because there is seriously no point in wasting time in a hopelessly one-sided game.
But I don’t do that much.