Flight Thoughts

To the devs, I enjoyed playing the game once I got past a few frustration, mainly controller aiming, and love what you have done. Looking forward to seeing how the game goes as it gets more and more refined.

For context of skill and my normal settings, on MCC I average between 1.5-2.0 KD, I haven’t played ranked in a decade(not counting invasion or the super odd game here and there), and I play with bumper jumper. I used to play with acceleration 7 and speed 7, but within the last couple of months went up to 10 on acceleration and sensitivity.

Big Issue

  • Controller on PC feels super bad. It feels like someone has grabbed my head and every time I try to look around I have to push past the resistance. Best I can figure out it come down to a few things, and most of this is just gut feeling and thinking so I may be off.

  • Max acceleration doesn’t feel like max acceleration. When I smash my thumbstick as far as it will go, it feels like their is still some build up to max speed. - It doesn’t feel like there is a enough “room” within each sensitivity settings, by that I mean not enough difference between slowest movement I can do and fastest movement I can do. I had to chose between my sensitivity not having a slow enough option or not having a fast enough option, between being a hyper chipmunk or being a sloth. It was frustrating. I ended up being a sloth and having to pre-turn to go around corners properly. - Aim assist felt just…weird. It sometimes felt like I was better at hitting things when I didn’t have aim assist trying to help. I do know I got frustrated a couple of times when aim assist tore my reticle off my target and onto another one that has passed in front of them. - Aiming felt inconsistent at times. I’m not sure why or what, but it did.Weapon Feedback

  • IMO, I would like to see TTK increased across the board, like 0.15-0.25ish seconds. It felt like everyone and nearly everything died too fast. I’m going to talk about a couple specific scenarios, and It mean I think the TTK needs to increase on top of the general TTK increase.

  • Sidekick feels too strong. According to this Halo Infinite | MK50 Sidekick - How fast does it kill? - YouTube the optimal TTK for the sidekick is 1.1 seconds, with the AR optimal being 1.15 (Halo Infinite | AR vs Commando - What kills faster? - YouTube). I would personally say the Sidekick probably needs a Optimal TTK of 1.25-1.4 with the current TTK’s. The sidekick having a faster TTK than the AR, a close range weapon, just feels off. Especially since all weapons can get headshots now, so the AR has more skill than it did in other halo titles. The sidekick doesn’t feel like a sidearm you use to finish off targets or compete at long ranges when you don’t have a specialized long range weapon, it feels like it should be the primary weapon I use when I spawn if I’m good enough. - Sniper feels clunky. Hits I swear should miss instead hit, and shots I think should miss instead hit. I also can’t figure out when the aim assist kicks in on it. - Commando feels super good - Plasma Pistol feels…too weak. - Pulse carbine feels strong but I suck at it. - Why does everything have a headshot multiplier? Doesn’t that kind of make part of what makes human weapons special, being the best at chewing through HP, mean less?Vehicle Feedback

  • The death rattle on vehicles is too subtle. Its very hard to spot or hear when in combat. - Ghost feels pretty well balanced. - Mongoose feels useful thanks to its speed. That’s very nice. - Warthog feels like it could use some help, specifically with spartan survivability. With how many precision weapons there are in the sandbox now, its not that hard to shoot the gunner or driver directly. Some form of damage reduction for them, or adding super extra bits the warthog to make it where they have less profile to hit. Maybe some help with staying on its wheels as well, they seemed to get flipped pretty easy, but that one could just be new drivers. - Didn’t get to play with the other vehicles, but I never noticed them, which says they are probably too weak or there is too many anti-vehicle options.General Feedback

  • Felt like halo, which is awesome. - Looked like halo, which is even awesomer. - Shield wall felt weak as a reaction ability, and good as something to be used before a fight starts. Was my favorite ability to pick up. Throw it down in passes between cover, or in front of a door right before you peak, and you have a very good chance of winning that fight. Also great to stop grenade spam, threw one down in BTB and I think I saw 3 grenades bounce off it before it got destroyed. - Shock grenade feels a bit strong. Why does that thing follow you like that? Yeesh. I think it would be cool if it kept that ability, but maybe weaken how fast it can follow a spartan. - Spawning feels so much better. I never spawned in a sniper sights or right in front of an enemy player, unlike what happens to me very often in Halo 3. That may just be because no one has memorized spawn locations yet, but I don’t think it is. It always felt like I had time to figure out where I was before coming into contact with an enemy player. - I think having the hold point on the BTB map right next to the weapon cash may be a bad idea. I think in the middle where the over shield/invisibility spawns may be better. It felt like whoever held the capture point right next to the weapon cash for a bit would win, as they would get a lot of special gear. - The defensiveness of the BTB maps felt very nice, but I think it might need to be lessoned a touch. I never saw capture the flag go past 1-1. They also always ended at 1-1. I think that second capture point is just too secure, or that may just be vehicles being too weak/having too many counters so you can’t get a ride out. - Sprint felt well balanced, and that comes from a sprint hatter.