Flaw in CSR on waypoint

A large percent of the Competitive community already stated they wouldn’t waste there time looking on waypoint for there CSR, I’m just wondering seeings as the ‘very’ casual community seems to be there target market do they expect them all to be using waypoint? I mean if I just casually had a few games on call of duty I wouldn’t then go on the CoD website to check something that serves no purpose? I’m just wondering who 343 are trying to please with this? I mean the truly casual player’s just won’t care, most will probably not even know it exists so there you are the whole things a big waste of time for aslong as it’s invisible, halo 4’s a great game (needs some fixes in TU) but a great game I love to play only CSR seems a big dissappointment, it was one of my favourate things about halo.