Flashbacks, voices in Chiefs mind

Who knows when we’ll get some info about Guardians, so I thought I write about that title.

The forum is filled with threads, comments about Cortana revival, and personally I’d say the only way of that if Chief get old memories about Cortana (in flashbacks/voices) or his mind create some pictures where Cortana blame Chief.
That’s the first time where Chief can’t handle a situation like that (which is understandable). But if there will be flashback in Guardians, I think it would be interesting if Cortana would not the only one in his flashback, so he’d remember all of his dead fellow Spartan, (for example Sam; he and Linda - if I’m correct - left Sam behind, that would be one of Chief flashback, or then again Sam would blame Chief, because he left him to die, but that should just a voice in Johns mind)

What do you think?

PS.:I hope I’m clear…

Would definitely be good. Voiceovers are the best way to developer character in videogames, because they don’t interfere with gameplay. Obviously it’d be better if we didn’t go down the Halo 3 route of having giant distorted Cortanas looming up on-screen and interrupting the mission.

I found them to be pretty annoying in h3

NO! Not after Halo 3, never again!!!

Please no Cortana moments… please… no…

So you want to bring back Passive Aggressive Chief who constantly sees Cortana wherever he goes. (I was having a conversation about this possibility with my friend and it turned into a huge joke by the end, basically Chief in a daze and having your screen all distorted due to Chief’s PTSD from Cortanta)

I prefer the idea of a full-bodied Cortana in the distance that only appears if Chief is alone, thus making you wonder if she is real or not.

I would definitely like some ghostly “in the corner of your eye” moments where Chief sees Cortana walking away in his peripheral vision, goes to investigate and finds nothing.

Voiceovers would be great as well. Chief makes some tough decision or another and he hears Cortana’s voice echo in his head “you sure that’s a good idea?” or something.

I would like any hallucinations - whether visual or audial - to make Chief second-guess himself or take a course of action he might not have considered without her input. I think it would give us, the fans, some sense that Cortana is still a present figure despite her “death”, and that she still carries weight and has a say in the Halo universe.

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> I found them to be pretty annoying in h3

Same. Would rather have some form of cutscene or even a mission. The cortana moments in halo 3 just slowed down the gameplay