This is a concept I would like to incorporate in the social playlist as a test; a new match-making game type/mode.

Within the map, there will be a designated area that holds a new type of power-up, or one in each spawn. Once equipped the player’s character is then given the appearance of damage boost (for Halo 5) and a flaming skull/helmet or anything corresponding to the halo story arch (for Infinite), this could also be chosen in the customization menu. However, there would be no damage upgrade. However, for every kill with the “power-up” it allows the player to stack up “special kill points.” These kill points could be shown on the HUD or on the character, for the item will resonate a higher effect frequency with every kill. The power-up may be implemented for experience points or just a simple trophy for emblems. There would be medals for killing the “flaming player” and medals for killing players with the power up. P.S. it would be accessible throughout the entire match, unlimited grabs.

This could possibly be a variation of how they did the Yappening for MCC.

I hope 343 sees this and innovates this to suit their needs, I know Infinite is going to be amazing and I can’t wait!

Love, a Halo fan