flaming helmet and elite armor not working

can someone pls help.
i have bough the legendary edition and have entered the code under the scratch off panel and i have rec’d the avatar toy and i have watched the making of video on way point but i have not rec’d the flaming helmet and elite armor.
how do i get this working :frowning:

1st, just incase you think it is avatar stuff it isnt, it is a in game thing.

For flaming helmet go into halo reach then the start button on your controller then “the armory” then “armor effect” Choose the “legendary” option

For elite go into halo reach the the starts button on your controller then “player” then “elite armor” then choose “officer”

If that doesnt work or is there just tell me.

hi goobot
thanks for replying so fast.
i am aware that they are not avatar stuff and acutally appear in the game. i have gone into the elite armor section where i can see, minor, spec-ops, ranger, ultra, zealot, general and field marshal but not officer. also when i go to armor effects i do not see and legendary option. i see default, birthday party, heart attack, pestilence and inclement weather.
i have tried browsing to the content on my hdd and i can see it is there. it says halo reach bonus content file size 56kb and the date it was created (todays date).
i have deleted it and tried downloading it again from the account histroy but this has not worked either.
im not sure what else to do??? :frowning:

ps have tried delting rebooting the xbox and reinstalling still didnt work !!!

Bummer, man. Go into your download history and try to redownload them again or possibly try clearing your cache. If you’ve done all the basic attempts to recover those items with no avail, you could always tweet your issue to @XboxSupport on twitter.

make sure to choose the right storage device when going into reach also.

hey thanks for the advice. i have tried deleting the content, emptying the cache and redownloading but that didnt work either. i will try your tweet option thank you i will let you know how i get on
cheers :slight_smile:

hey goobot. i only have the hdd so nothing else to select. :frowning:

hey guys
just thought i would let you know how i got on. i took your advice and tweeted @XboxSupport and it has taken until 3am solidly fault finding but turns out that i needed to delete the bungie pro confirmation file and then the content shows up perfectly. also am told i dont need to redownload the confirmation file.

cheers for all your help guys and i hope this little bit of knowledge helps in the future