Flagnum bugs...

I usually try to run the flag in objective. Seems like more than half the time when grab the flag, right when I try to shoot people with the pistol I get off 1 shot and then the gun jams up for a second, then lets me fire off the rest of the clip. Which usually gets me killed. Also, half the time it doesn’t let me zoom in.

Anyone else experience this?


It sounds like lag.

I experience this all the time too. Shoot once, gun jams up then I’m able to fire after a second.

Also, I can’t zoom in with my flagnum. Everytime I try it doesn’t let me. But it will let my guest do it.

Jamming happens all the time. Can’t zoom in also. However, if I shoot a round off and reload, then I can zoom in again.

> It sounds like lag.

Happens in even the best connection games I’ve had.

I’ve been experiencing this as well. Also, when I try to zoom in with it, it zooms me right back out.