Flag grapple too hard

hello 343,

is it possible to get a bigger hitbox for the grapple or a list a big round hitbox on the top of the post’s flag.

i think the capacity of grapple the flag is really good and fun. i tried multiple time and in the fire of the action its too dificult.

im platinum 6 so we can agree, aim precision is not really an obvious problem. i think it’s a hitbox problem.

everyone is welcome to give his 2 cents.

thank you.

PC or console? i hear the aim is really wonky on PC(or maybe the entire game). Compond this with desync and hit registry and you have aim that should never work 80-90% of the time.

I agree. Actually lost a CTF match (score was tied) and we were down to seconds of overtime and I thought I was gonna have a sick play by grappling the flag from our base. I put my cursor right on the flag and hit grapple, and instead the grapple went through to the ground behind the flag and I flew to the flag. I grabbed it and kept going, but was killed on the way.

personally I think its fine the way it is. if you scope in with your weapon it makes it easier to grapple the object you’re grappling. There are times where I’m getting shot and I panic and miss the object I’m grappling but that’s the way the game should be IMO but everyone is entitled to their opinion.


I haven’t played a lot of ctf, but the few times I have and had grapple shot I did think it was a little bit to difficult to hit it. It is a really thin pole so that makes it tough, but add in being under fire and it is very hard to target. Oh and just for reference I’m on Xbox.

the flag shouldnt have a hitbox to big to interfer with the mobility with grapple, but big enough to catch it. the right middle. thats why a round 1 feet diameter sphere hitbox on top can be a trade off.

Not a fan of this, if it was too easy it’d be OP - the advantage it gives by doing it needs to have something to make it challenging.

Also what happens if you want to grab something else to escape and it unintentionally grabs the flag - you’ll be annoyed the other way then.

It’s also good you can’t do it off of the flag stand to ensure you’ve cleared the base out or at least earned the flag pull.

It’s hard for a reason. No need to change it.

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I really don’t believe a bigger ‘flag hitbox’ would be healthy for the game overall, as ‘flag grappling’ would then become a common ‘cheese’ strat used in every ‘CTF’ game. Keeping it difficult to land ensures it is a risky move that doesn’t happen often, but when it does happen, it’s a cool play that rewards the flag carrier for their ingenuity.

personally, i never see it in game. even if it was clearly shown in the marketing trailer. the skill gap is too wide. and its not a pro mechanic like the power slide, its grapple a flag.