Flag carriers with weapons worked in Unreal.

I consider myself a fairly competitive player, and thus, get put under the same roof as all of us “competitive players” Am I one of the few of us that doesn’t have much an issue with the flag carrier being able to carry an almost worthless weapon?

Unreal Tournament (I know some of of you will say “It’s a different game!”) had brilliant CTF, and that game was ridiculously competitive, and took some intensive play to be good at, If you were good at that game you were GOOD. That game saw some very highly skilled players playing the game in Tournaments, such as CTF, and yet, the Flag carrier was capable of using ANY of the weapons in the Unreal Tournament sandbox, and you were even able to carry every gun at a giving moment, meaning you could have over 10 guns at once, and use any of them as you please, whilst carrying the flag, did that effect much? No, it had NO effect on Team work.

You were still the main focus, and it took some serious team work to still score the flag, the point I’m making is, a highly competitive game like Unreal Tournament (I can argue that it’s more competitive than any Halo Game) can have flag carriers with weapons, why can’t Halo? At the end of the day, it’s a 6sk pistol, nothing else, it will not remove any form of team work. Simple as.

you die fast in Unreal…

I believe we should be able to carry the flag in one hand but be able to carry any weapon you’d like with the other at the cost of accuracy.

We’re talking about Spartans here, I think they can hold your standard MA5B with one hand.

And yes, Unreal CTF was chaotic, fun, and balanced.

> you die fast in Unreal…

The Kill times are pretty close to that of the fastest BR kill, and you just backed my point up, a 6sk pistol with crap range, slow kill time, and BLOOM will not effect the need for Team work.

OP you aren’t one of the few that agree with the changes. CTF was in much need of a dire change, as was assault. I for one am glad to see these changes. They are long overdue.