Flag and Oddball Assassinations

I was just scrolling through Youtube and noticed that 343i released videos that contain a Spartan IV assassinating another with a flag, and another of a Spartan IV receiving a passed Oddball from a teammate and assassinating an opposing player. Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIa23_L6J-s

I noticed the following:
-The player is holding a pistol out while holding the flag
-Player 1 of Blue team seems to “pass” the Oddball to Player 2 of Blue team so he can assassinate the Yellow Spartan.

I don’t know if this is super old but I just thought I’d post what I saw as well as ask if anyone knows of any interesting new info on Halo 4 from Comic Con? I’ve been out of the country. Thanks a bunch!

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This video is kinda old, but it does show the odst helmet, which hopefully shows once and for all that these are spartans beside master chief in this picture, http://tinyurl.com/cgd7ofa . Also a promethean grenade was shown http://tinyurl.com/cu6h79g that essentially functions like a mini power drain from what i’ve seen. This video http://tinyurl.com/cqmvhto shows some spartan ops and the promethean grenade in action. Hope this helps.