Fixing Wargames

okay, so i have had a lot of good games, but i’ve also had a lot of bad games. almost every map has a glitch or seriously annoying camping spot and i have been betrayed on purpose by teamates and not gotten to boot them.

everyone knows whats wrong with complex and the roof tops are spawn camping nightmares.

ragnarok has virtually no weapons, the random drops are a joke, the personal ordance tends to drop needler to much and leave you picking between some grenades you probably have and a power up that’s not much use on a large map.

the big maps like ragnarok, exile, vortex, and meltdown need weapons on map like the old halo games always had. i get so tired of being a long range DMR shooter on ragnarok and running out of ammo in just a few minutes with no way to resupply it. in the past you could always just run somewhere on the map and fill back up on ammo or get a new gun, but thanks to this new “setup” we don’t get weapons on map and only random ordanace drops.

abandon should not be in CTF it is so one sided.

on exile the reds can just sprint to the tank. the blues need a mongoose to get there in the same time and if someone grab the mongoose and drives off with it guess what teams gonna get the tank.

i love this game, but i’ve had so many bad experiences. with some small tweaks and fixes this game can be the best halo ever made.

also… like i’ve posted before. i want my secondary weapon icon! i played a game just the other day with a friend and i told him to use his rockets when the went by us. he replied saying “i don’t have rockets.” i stated “yes you do! switch you -Yoink!-!” he then said “oh, well holy crap i do have rockets.”. for this reason we need that icon so people don’t forget what else they’re holding.

Ragnarok is quickly becoming my least favorite halo 4 map, people grenading thier own mantis is annoying.

Complex roof has no cover, the building with sword and scattershot are much safer

Lack of ammo for loadout guns is a bit of a problem, should have ammo boxes or map appropriate precision guns on the ground

Blue gets gauss hog and banshee 90% of the time, iunno if it’s fair but the scorpions usually dead by 1:00 into the game

The worst part about it is when you run out of ammo on both guns. I had no way to resupply so I had to run around hoping one of my team mates died so I could get his ammo. STUPID.