Fixing the Ranked matchmaking

Is there anything in development for this postgame to try and somewhat balance ranked matchmaking and the Air superiority rush meta going around? its hard to enjoy and get a leg up in the ranks when you’re a gold getting paired against diamonds and onyx ranks while the new bloods get stuck on your team and drag you down. Even 3v3 can be a nightmare since I tag along with a bud but theres always that one unranked that ends ups not pushing

Going through your match history it looks like the teams are fairly well balanced overall. There was one poor match but that was it. There also seem to be defeats where you had the overall rank advantage.
Quick tip:
Play team war until you find a few teammates you work well with. Example:
You win a match and feel that one or both of your teammates contributed equally to the victory or had strategies that worked well together. Send them like “Hey GG, want to team up?” and there you go.
Maybe they don’t respond, but you just have to keep trying, I’ve made a lot of friends this way.

Additionally Xbox has the looking for group feature. Post an ad there and wait, play skirmish, or play team war while you get responses. Example:
“Gold tier player looking to play some 3v3 ranked, looking for other golds or better”

If strategy is the issue, try looking at Youtube channels like Breaking the Clutch, or head over to Twitch where there are many top-tier players streaming (and a few at lower tiers) whom you cam watch and learn from.