Fixing Progression - turn scores into xp

After every match you get a score total, depending on how well you did. Turning these into xps would fix progression and this is how:

Let’s say 1000 score points turn into 100 xp.
No matter how you play, there would always be an incentive to perform well. It would also cater to all players (slaying enemies for 100 score points each, playing objectives like capturing flags or zones - everything awards score points)

Even if you start a match with a game mode where none of your challenges apply, a good player could still manage to get up to 2000 score points which convert to 200xp.

It would be a great way to always progress, award good performance and reduce leavers, it would free up daily challenges to something more fun and diverse than just play 1 match and finally if 343 feels like this would let people progress too fast they could always tinker with the exchange rate of score to xp


This right here sounds like a brilliant idea… and that’s why it’ll never be implemented… but I really like it

Yup that’s what I came up with too. Most scores end between 1000 and 2000 (sometimes more in BTB, which is normal, the game is long). Just divide that by 10 and give it as end match exp and boom!
You got yourself a gratifying, reasonable progression system. Keep giving 50exp for finishing games and give 100exp for winning. DONE! That can’t be hard, right?


Seems kinda like a no brainer, honestly. I’m knda surprised it already isn’t like that. What is even the point of XP earned during a match? Why do I need 100XP for a kill?

I’d much rather do away with XP altogether.
You complete 1 challenge = 1 tier of the season pass.

Better yet, give us a season pass point per challenge and let us unlock the things we want.

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