Fixing MCC the process

OK, so I refuse to sit in a gilded cage and scream about 343’s apparent ineptitude. I’m getting a little tired of the negativity. Which is why when it usually comes to feedback on anything and forums (even on things I love) I’m usually a professional lurker, and all I can do is shake my head and wonder why it’s become one of the internet’s favorite past-times to -Yoink-, about EVERYTHING. Yes we’re frustrated and angry, with good reason. Yes mistakes were made, But come on! This was a a massive undertaking and just getting the core engines of four different games from two different previous consoles to work together is in itself an accomplishment. Do we want it to work right the first time, of course we do. Do we as consumers demand and deserve products to work or be exactly as advertised? Of course we do (I’m talking to you car manufactures, movie studios, musicians, TV networks, electronics manufactures, authors, barbers, ‘as seen on TV’ products, fast food restaurants). Do we have the right to have a 100% working title right out of the gate, of course we do. But is it realistic? No, not really. Not on something of this scale. It’s world-wide with millions of systems and players wanting to play right now, and some slack should be given. At least they are working the issues and have attempted to keeep us updated. Many of the complaints might be comeing from those that have no idea how difficult a technical task this is and could be as technical savvy as being able to hit the ‘on’ button. Yet feel that they have the right to pass judgement. And meanly too. The techs at 343 and XBL are probably freaking the hell out. Think of your worst day and work, yep. I’m sure they are mortified and embarrased beyond reason. They had to come out and perform on the world stage. There they were, ready to rock the universe with an epic guitar solo and show they were rock gods and just as they jam the opening power chord, BAM! their pants fall off (EEK!) Give em’ a break community, a community that claims to love these games yet will find every opportunity to complain about them. Go play another game if it makes you that angry.

With that being said, I for one would like to see constant updates on the process of fixing the problems. I’m in no way really that techincal savvy myself anymore and haven’t really done anthing worthwhile tech support wise since the days of dial up, BUT I’m curious for curiosity’s sake to learn what the specific main issues are and how they are attempting to fix it. What tricks and work arounds etc. I want details people, in an open ongoing dialouge, even if a lot of it goes over my head. I nothing else it’ll give us confidence in their solutions and when to expect them. It’ll give us insight into what the problems actually are and maybe show us how difficult it all is and disperse some of the peasants running around with pitchforks and torches. I want to see behind the curtain.

I think that is way letting them off the hook though, if more people were like no -Yoink- you, you shouldn’t be able to release such a broken game then it may force publishers to allow the developers longer to get the game right.

Its not that the servers are -Yoinked!-, if it was just the servers I’d be like hey okay I feel ya it sucks but I ain’t even too mad, but its just a laundry list of clusterfuckery. The achievements don’t unlock, parties are broken up, chat isn’t there, the customization isn’t there etc. Its just not one thing in that the servers are -Yoinked!-. They had since the AUS launch time to work on this too btw, there were reports as soon as the game went live that wait times were awful, and nothing was even done until it had been about 24 hours.

I’m sure they will fix it in time, but its spoiled the launch of the x1s posterchild game for the next year or two, halo is x1s big IP that gets name recognition, up there with Mario. People here halo and know what it is, having this kind of launch really -Yoinks!- that up.

That said, I’m not calling for 343 heads, they outsourced parts and that may be hurting them, but it is a pretty big undertaking, but its a shame they didn’t get on it quicker, or have the game ready before. I’d like updates a lot more often, like we will be aiming to fix X problem by this time by doing this, then Y problem by this, Z problem will be improved by doing this. As you said I wouldn’t get the technical jargon, but I’d feel better knowing that they are making some progress.

Its disappointing that matchmaking is this bad. I think people need to realize how difficult it is to fix bugs in the code though. Its not as simple as saying “oh parties are being split up, I’ll just click this icon to fix it.” It takes a long time to debug. I’m not expecting it to be fixed until the weekend, maybe even the end of the weekend. Realistic expectations are important so people won’t get more and more annoyed by the hour.