Fixing Halo Reach: Classic Playlist

Recoil Bloom is the main issue that should be fixed. This should be reduced to zero (no recoil) much like Halo 3.
What good is a Classic Playlist if some of the game play still resembles Halo: Reach?

Nothing needs to be “fixed”, at least not yet. (not when CEA is looming and the title update is coming) The point was to make a playlist that is as close as “classic” as possible with Reach’s given settings. I forgot his name/gamertag but the guy who made it possible who frequented’s Optimatch could explain it better than I could.

Xx Overkill VR is the guy you’re looking for. To the OP, I agree with the Myrmidont in relation to any modifications. Just wait for the TU and CEA. This stuff will hopefully revolutionize Reach’s mechanics to the degree that the new Classic playlist (with CEA maps) will become the real deal.