Fixing 343's trash progression (idea)

I thought of my own ideas for an unlock system and I would like to see what you think.
The battle pass:
The battle pass should be stuffed with customization options at least 1 armor piece, weapon coating, armor coating and emblem per tier.
Challenges, don’t give you xp instead you get tokens, 1per challenge. victories add 1 extra and leading your team on the scoreboard grants you 2 extra. you can choose to spend these tokens on what you want in the battle pass, events or exchange them for credits (1 token for 5 credits)
The store:
before I move on with this topic just open up the store in halo infinite to try and understand the idea since some things might seem complicated.
the Store will have limited time options (seen in the bottom right corner) but those are normally extremely cheap, an example being a visor color, armor or weapon coating would be around 20 to 30 credits making them easy to grind and gets players used to visiting the store more expensive (like 700 to 1000 credits in the upper right and left side) items are put in a catalog so you can revisit and purchase them. the items in the left side need to be jaw dropping, an example is armor pieces, visor and coating with glowing effects to look similar to the Didact and to back it up by adding crazy lore like saying that armor was designed to intimidate any Didact loyalists that might be found in the banished ranks. any insane Item in the store would be given it’s own rarity known as “mythic” and can be identified with a red background.
Standard Progression:
Military ranks would be present but would be called “Spartan’s journey” Military ranks like recruit, sergeant, etc, would be sub ranks to the rank brackets of copper, iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, onyx, and finally Nanolaminate (similar to mcc). Rewards for ranking up in every sub rank you earn rewards such as fan favorite armor pieces redesigned for mk 7 as well as weapon coatings, emblems, with the cherry on top being shiny armor coatings that match the rank you just passed (example a diamond coating for completing diamond rank) as a visual showcase of your progress that other players can marvel at. Your match score is how you progress through the Spartan’s journey with your score being converted to xp, ranks start at needing only 5000 to reach the next sub rank with the xp requirements slowly climbing up to about 70,000 xp before ranking up the next bracket (again similar to mcc)
the Business side:
ok here is where things get a little bitter for the players, you might disagree with some of the ideas in this paragraph but I designed this system so it can be fare for both the players and 343.
with the store’s prices being cut down and credits a grindable resource here is how you will be persuaded to spend money. the most expensive and insane items in the store will be priced at 1000 credits meaning you would have to grind for 200 tokens, you can only carry a maximum of 100 tokens meaning that once you hit that cap you will have to spend or exchange some or all your tokens before you can proceed. even though the mythic items and battle pass will not go away some items in the store go on rotation meaning that as more stuff gets added to the store you chances of purchasing something you missed becomes slimmer. events and limited items are meant to convince you to spend your points on them rather than grinding for the expensive items and with more mythic items being added every major event and every month eventually there will be so many options to choose from that grinding for everything for free becomes impossible even if you decrease the amount of credits you spend by only paying for half the price it still means you purchased something.
Anyway those were my ideas of a progression and unlock system please tell me what you think about it. and maybe share it with others, if we give 343 ideas eventually we can reach something we can all agree on

Sounds a bit more fair to the player than the current system, which is exactly why it won’t see many major changes.

343i/Microsoft by association, don’t care about losing a handful of players in a game they never actually paid for. What they do care about is monetizing transactions to the point of maximum profit. Losing 4-5 players who don’t spend a dime on a free game means nothing if they got another 4-5 people to buy a cosmetic with their own money.

It seems like your system allows players to sit on credits and only buy the things from the store or events that you want. Microsoft doesn’t want that, it isn’t efficient business. They want to make MOST things earnable but SOME things locked behind real $ so you have to pay the troll toll.

This is just as bad. This model of progression to unlock stuff is not good. Halo MCC has a great system for unlocking armor; best of all its free for the player. You will disagree; that’s fine, but remember that the community didn’t ask for a free to play title (not that it’s not appreciated), we would have happily paid full price for the campaign and multiplayer experience. For us to allow them to keep this horrible business model and monetization system they have is giving up and allowing future game devs to continue following the trend. It needs to stop.