FIxes to vehicles that I think need to happen

Some of the vehicles in game are honestly i need of fixing so far i can identify these

  1. All light/medium ground vehicles(so not tanks); need i think just a little more armor/health, the Warthog and Razorback need more weight or something, they tip way too easily The ghost and chopper may benifit from weight and phycis fixing as well (On a side note didn’t it say the warthog tires were indestructable somewhere in the lore or at least that they did not work like real world tires???)

  2. Air vehicles: As far as i can tell are fine banshee flies fine fires guns fint, the wasp, is annoying but very easy to take out if you know how to do it.

I have not used either tanks enough to have any insight on how good or bad they are… so I can’t say what would need improving on them.

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Banshee definitely needs a health buff. I think an invisible shield would be great for vehicles. So you can take so much damage before the damage is irreversible. Think CE Spartan health. So you get your shield which recharge but your health bar itself doesn’t. And only anti vehicle weapons like rockets and scewer bypass that shield.

I havn’t had many problems with the banshee and it’s kinda a limited spawn so it’s possible I missed any issue it has (though i have gotten a bunch of splatter kills with it by ramming into the ground) also i recall vechiles in halo 5 having energy shields ,what happend to those at least on ground vehicles? I can see why the wasp got it’s shields removed…

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I can only remember the wasp and mantis having shields. Didn’t play 5 much. But this way it solves the health problem we have with the vehicles.

i think there was a warthog with shields in halo 5 it was a special varient though with some covenant tech gun.

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