Fixes the game could use

I would love to have my voice heard by 343 so they can hopefully update the game to patch some of their mistakes. I hope you guys agree.

The first issue not only I would love fixed, but many others is the wall glitch on the map Complex. In flood mode I’ve heard and Oddball players like to camp inside of a wall within a base so I end up avoiding that map to avoid frustration.

Another issue, I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but the grenades seem underpowered or if it’s the blast radius(I’m addressing the plasma grenades mostly). I’ve several situations where I could have killed someone or a group of people but they barely take any damage.

One last thing I would love done is to have Rocket launchers only be in ordinance drops. I find the rocket launcher on too many maps and used too frequently. They are meant to take out vehicles but more times than other they are used only to take out one individual.

I don’t mean to complain but these are some issues that keep coming up and taking away the fun from Halo 4.

Please, We really need some of the Favorite gametypes like Territoies or Invasion

I agree with that. I loved invasion, but I don’t know how they would work that out being that you can’t play as the elites anymore. But they should prioritize fixes first then gametypes, as the flaws take the fun away from the game itself and makes players less enthusiastic about playing Halo 4. If they fix the flaws the players will stay and once they add more gametypes more players will want to continue playing since there’s more to chose from.